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In a complex mix of investment options, platforms, tax and regulation, it can be difficult to pinpoint where holding your investments might best work for you. This guide looks at the pros and cons of managed funds investment in Australia and America for expat investors.

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The PFIC regime is a penalty provision that taxes gains and distributions at the highest tax rate plus an interest charge on the deferral period. Once a corporation is a PFIC at any point during the holding period of the taxpayer, the stock is treated as PFIC for as long as the taxpayer holds the stock (or purges the PFIC taint). Understanding the PFIC rules is crucial because there are elections available to help minimize or mitigate the tax treatment under the PFIC regime.

The traditional metric for measuring the value of a financial advisor is return on investment. Yet this metric is incomplete and defines value too narrowly. Find out why return on investment is an incomplete metric for a financial advisor, and where the true value actually lies in this white paper written by Areté Wealth Strategists Australia.