Past Webinars

The SECURE Act of 2019 & How it Changes the Taxation of your US Retirement Accounts

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Arete Wealth Strategists Australia invites you to this webinar where we will review the tax impact of the SECURE of 2019 on inherited IRA's and 401K's.


In our presentation we shall look at:

- The prior stretch-IRA rules and compare them to the new rules

- Later Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's)

- No Traditional IRA age limit - How it may affect your superannuation?

- What strategies to employ to get the most to the next generation


🏠 Real Estate for the Expat Investor

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Webinar where Ashley Murphy reviews the key issues for Australians and Americans who presently hold or are considering the purchase of real estate overseas.


In this webinar, Ashley shall review:

-Real estate market update in both countries

-Is now the right time to think of selling?

-Pro's and con's of holding Australian real estate as an American resident

-Pro's and con's of holding American real estate as an Australian resident

Financial Impact of the Coronavirus on Aussie/American Expats

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In this webinar we review a number of major topics on the minds of Australian expatriates including:

-Economic ramifications of the coronavirus

-Why is the Australian dollar falling and can it go further?

-How it may affect your superannuation?

-Are expats eligible for early access to their superannuation as announced by the government

-How does an expat property owner manage their property in the current environment? -What will this do to property prices in Australia?

-Is it a good time to start an investment account in the US to take advantage of the strong dollar and falling share market?

CARES Act and the State of the Market: What it Means for Aussies in the US

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In this webinar we review the key provisions of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) and how this may affect Aussies in the US:


Recovery Rebates:

-How they will be dispersed

-Where and when they will be paid


Small Business Benefits:

-Paycheck Protection Program

-Loan benefits and forgivable loans

-Employee retention credit

-Payroll taxes deferral


Coronavirus-Related Distributions:

-Qualifying requirements

-Tax benefits

🌏 Top Financial Issues for Americans living in Australia

In this webinar we we provide a high level review of the major cross-border financial challenges facing Americans living in Australia:

Investment & Retirement Considerations:

-Investment / Retirement Account Closures -US Retirement Accounts - Investment Management & Distributions -Social Security - Eligibility and When to take?

Banking and Foreign Exchange:

-Foreign Exchange -Banking


-Annual Tax Filings -Foreign Tax Credit vs Foreign Earned Income Exclusion,  how do they work? - US Gift / Estate Tax (“Transfer Taxes” includes Inheritances) -Gift Taxes -Account Titling -US Estate Tax -US State Estate Tax -US Expatriation Tax -Passive Foreign Investment Corporation (PFIC) Taxes -Superannuation Accounts.

The Pro's and Con's of Mutual Fund Investing in Australia vs the USA

This webinar will be particularly valuable for any Australian or American expatriate living in the US or Australia who is interested in making the most of their long term investment returns, seeking to reduce fees and simplify the administration of their global portfolio. Needless to say, prior investment returns are no guarantee of future returns.

Here are the two relevant Morningstar reports.

  1. Morningstar Global Investor Experience Study 2019 (Fees and Expenses)

  2. Morningstar Global Fund Investor Experience Study 2017 


These two reports form the backbone of the whole project. Where things get more complicated.

Pro's and Cons - this is really my knowledge of the Australian investment environment. In the US you don't have to pay a platform fee to have your money at a broker/custodian. In Australia, you do.  Also, in Australia, you must pay trading fees each time a trade is placed.

The Importance of Doing Foreign Exchange Right

In this webinar we are discussing the importance of controlling costs and 'the spread' in obtaining the best rate, the recent history of the Australian/US dollar relationship and strategies to consider when moving large amounts of money.

This information will be particularly valuable for any Australian or American expatriate living in the US or Australia who is interested in learning how to make the most of currency conversions.

Safe as Houses? What's Going on with the Australian Property Market

In this webinar we are discussing what's going on with the Australian property market and the considerations that Aussie property owners living in the US need to be aware of. This information will be particularly valuable for any Aussie property owner who is concerned about the recent housing slowdown. 

What Are PFIC's and How Might They Affect U.S. Based Australian Expats

Passive Foreign Investment Corporations (PFIC's) lurk in many overseas portfolios yet most Aussie expats are not only unaware of what they are, they don't realize the significant tax exposure they may be unwittingly exposing themselves to. In this webinar we talk about the detrimental tax consequences that can arise if you fall foul of PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Company) regulations.

What Happens to Your 401(K) When You Move to Australia

In this webinar we answer some questions relating to what happens to your US retirement accounts (401(k), 403(b), IRA etc) when you move to Australia. 

This will be a useful webinar for any Aussie who has worked in the US and accumulated a significant retirement account or an any American thinking about moving to or who has already moved to Australia. 

What Happens to Your Superannuation When You Move to the U.S.

In this webinar I talk about some common questions Australian expats living in the U.S. have about their superannuation accounts. I talk about the special conditions of taking money out of a super account after one becomes a U.S. tax resident, what the tax impact might be after taking money from the account as a U.S. tax resident, how one can reduce foreign exchange impact, and whether or not you can make contributions to both a super account and a U.S. Retirement plan (401K, 403(b), SEP, or Defined Benefit Plan) at the same time.

Tax Implications of Non-Resident Australian Property Owners

The purpose of this webinar was to highlight specific parts of Australian tax law and its intersection with the US Internal Revenue Code to identify factors that impact the taxation of investment property Aussie expats are holding back home. After viewing this video an Australian expat in the U.S. will better understand the overall tax consequences of holding investment property in Australia. 

How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor/Planner for You

Choosing the right financial advisor isn't the easiest think in the world. There are many things to take into account, and the more you dig into the subject you will find that there are a wide variety of financial advisors in the world. Some have have better expertise in certain areas that others are not, which makes them more suitable for certain clients. In this video I talk about some of the things you should be thinking about choosing a financial advisor, and finding one that suitable for you.