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Investment Philosophy

Our portfolios combine active and passive investment approaches in an effort to beat market returns while lowering volatility and keeping expenses low.

Net Returns

We focus on the net return our client’s will receive; that is, after fees and taxes.

Tax Sensitive

We exploit the beneficial tax treatment of different asset classes by allocating portfolios at a household level, rather than an individual account level. We also practice tax loss harvesting  in after-tax accounts to further reduce tax impact.

Reduced Volatility

In seeking to reduce risk, we favor funds with reduced volatility and downside exposure (aka ‘downside capture’). Our portfolios are constructed to maximize liquidity with nearly all positions being tradable on an intraday basis.

Active and Passive  

In efficient markets we choose low-turnover, low-cost, factor-tilted passive funds and in inefficient markets, where detailed knowledge and manager skill can bring added value, we may employ active management.

Strategic Allocation with Tactical Flexibility

Research shows that asset allocation determines most of the return dispersion in a diversified portfolio. Minor tactical portfolio shifts are considered for a portion of the allocation when market valuations create compelling opportunities.

Factor Tilts

Seeks to passively gain exposure to underlying return drivers such as value, size, dividend, quality and low-volatility.


Modern portfolio theory (MPT) has borne out the value of asset allocation and diversification. We include alternative asset classes to further enhance diversification in an effort to smooth and enhance returns.

Core & Satellite Approach

Investors combine different kinds of assets in portfolios to reduce volatility and improve risk adjusted returns. The core equity and fixed income holdings comprise the majority of each portfolio with a range of alternative investments comprising the satellites. Portfolio composition and weightings vary depending on investor circumstances.

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Investment advisory services offered through Arete Wealth Strategists, a Securities and Exchange Registered Investment Advisor. Telephone number 888.544.3250. Arete Wealth Australia may offer investment advisory services in the State of Minnesota, California and in other jurisdictions where registered or exempted.
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