Business Owner Financial Planning

Business Owner Financial Planning


Often a business owner’s most valuable asset is the business itself. Your personal finances are inherently tied to your business finances. Our role in your network of professionals is to illustrate how your business planning ultimately impacts your personal finances.


With all of the opportunities afforded to business owners, making the most of what is available here is a proven strategy for financial independence.

Business owners have an expanded opportunity set to incorporate into their financial planning:

  • Entity selection and registration

  • Hiring and expansion

  • Sponsorship/marketing

  • Business travel

  • Retirement plans

  • Dual use assets (cars, mobile phones, computers, real estate)

  • Dual use services (accounting & taxes, internet, etc.)


Business Owners face challenges with regards to:

  • Lumpy cash flows

  • High taxes

  • Payroll

  • Enhanced risks

  • Compliance

Through our advice and through the services of our professional network,
we can help you plan for and manage these challenges as efficiently as possible.

What we do:

  • Provide strategic business growth council

  • Compensation strategies

  • Key employee retention strategies

  • Retirement plan analysis, design and implementation

  • Employee benefit analysis

  • Acquisition due diligence

  • Business risk management

  • Buy/sell planning

  • Tax planning

  • Exit planning

  • Advanced financial concepts (ROBS 401(K) etc.)

Get the help you need

We are able to leverage our expert network of business and estate attorneys, accountants, third party administrators, bookkeepers, business coaches, exit planners, bankers, and more to your advantage.

Retirement Plan Consultation

As a financial planning or wealth management client of Areté Wealth Strategists, we can help you choose, design and manage the right retirement plan for your business.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ retirement plan. We consider what fits given your entity type, the number of owners, the profitability of your business, the predictability of those profits, your savings potential, the number and age of your employees, as well as your financial goals.

In conjunction with our expert network we consult on:

  • 401(K)



  • Defined Benefit plans

  • Cash Balance

  • Defined Benefit / 401(K) hybrid plans

Company 401(K) Investment Management

We can provide participant education and assume 3(38) fiduciary investment management responsibilities for your company’s 401(K) plan. Custom designed and managed plans offer considerable tax-deferral and savings opportunities.