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Service Packages and Fees

Wealth Management

USA-centered clients

For clients with $750,000 or more in investable assets, we offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management together in a service package. Service packages scale up to meet your needs depending on the complexity of your situation. Each service package includes a given amount of investable assets (e.g. Ascent includes the first $500K) with a discounted rate that applies to assets over the included amount.

All fees quoted are in USD

Additional Services

Global Mobility includes:

Business Owners Services includes:

Retirement Distribution Management includes:

Investment Management Only

AUS-centered clients

For clients who have at least $500K USD of investments and are not seeking a comprehensive wealth management engagement (typically Australian based clients with U.S. investments), we offer investment management as a standalone service offering.

All fees quoted are in USD

^$2,900/year minimum AUM fee applies for IM Only
* For clients <$500K AUM, 1 meeting annually
Note 1: Billing of AUM above included amount commences at fee tier immediately above included AUM level.
Note 2: - $2,250 Establishment fee may apply for non-resident account holders
Note 3: - $500 Closure fee may apply for non-resident account holders, waived if client relationship terminates after 4 years.

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Investment advisory services offered through Arete Wealth Strategists, a Securities and Exchange Registered Investment Advisor. Telephone number 888.544.3250. Arete Wealth Australia may offer investment advisory services in the State of Minnesota, California and in other jurisdictions where registered or exempted.
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