Services and Fees


Wealth Management
U.S. centered clients

For clients with $750,000 or more in investable assets, we offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management together in a service package. Service packages scale up to meet your needs depending on the complexity of your situation. Each service package includes a given amount of investable assets (e.g. Ascent includes the first $500K) with a discounted rate that applies to assets over the included amount.

Additional Services

Global Mobility includes:

  • US Entry/Departure Checklist

  • Global Mobility Planning (PFICs, Investment structuring, Overseas tax impact)

  • HEART expatriation test

  • HEART Expatriation Minimization Strategy

  • Coordination with CPA/Lawyer


Business Owners Services includes:

  • Exit/Succession Planning

  • Buy/Sell Analysis

  • Retirement plan setup

  • Coordination with CPA/Lawyer

  • Advanced Tax/Risk Management Strategies (Arete pays for delegation)


Retirement Distribution Management includes:

  • Retirement glide-path rebalancing

  • Personalized retirement risk analysis

  • Assessment of retirement income style (SWR, time-segmentation vs income portfolio)

  • Reconfiguration of portfolio for retirement income / Income Conductor style

  • Tax aware account distribution (Arete pays for delegation)

  • Longevity annuity analysis and recommendation


Investment Management Only
Australian centered clients

For clients who have at least $500K USD of investments and are not seeking a comprehensive wealth management engagement (typically Australian based clients with U.S. investments), we offer investment management as a standalone service offering.