For Your Best Interest

We are a wealth management firm that takes a holistic view of your financial situation with an emphasis on helping you meet your life goals. We align with clients who see the purpose of money as a means to enhance their own and their families’ well-being. We view our success as maximizing your return on life, not simply your return on investment.


As your wealth manager, we would gather information about your liabilities, income sources, expenses, risks, commitments, and values in order to unearth opportunities and help you make better financial decisions.

Working with us, you should expect: 

  • Financial organization

  • Compliance with US tax reporting and investing

  • Identification of opportunities

  • Personalized recommendations

  • Assistance with implementation

  • Greater financial well being

Our On Boarding Process

Fit Meeting: Our Initial Meeting is Complimentary

We’ll define our services, discuss expectations and together determine whether AWS is ideally suited to meet your needs. You are free to ask questions about our firm and background, etc. 


We shall explain the process we will follow and enquire further to gain a broad understanding of your financial life.

On Boarding Process: Meetings + Client Homework

Onboarding Packet
• Invitations to our apps (Dropbox, eMoney, FileThis)
• Risk tolerance questionnaire
• Discovery meeting invite
• Cash Flow Fact Finder
• Document checklist
• Client Services Agreement.

Discovery Meeting (90 minutes)
We’ll confirm your current financial situation, discuss your dreams and goals, and complete our fact finder. 

llumination Meeting (60 mins)
We present our view of your current financial life and request any additional documentation/connections.

Assessment and Preperation

We’ll interpret and analyze your current financial situation, including assets, liabilities and cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments, and tax information. We will correspond by phone/email.

Recommendations: 1-2 Meetings 

Based on our comprehensive assessment, AWS will develop and present our financial planning recommendations aligned with your financial situation, values, goals, and risk tolerance.


Once the recommendations have been delivered, we will work with you to put it into action. Where appropriate, we may work with other professionals such as an accountant, attorney, insurance agent, mortgage broker, etc.

Review and Alignment

Your circumstances, lifestyle, and financial goals are likely to change over time, so it’s important your financial plan is regularly reviewed and adjusted to make sure it’s still your plan.