Getting your 401k/IRA out of the US

& back to Australia

Arete Wealth Strategists Australia invites you to watch our on-demand where we conduct a detailed review of the process you might follow if you're considering getting your US retirement accounts back to Australia.


In our presentation we shall look at:


  • What your options are for getting your funds out of your US retirement account

  • How your options vary depending on your immigration status (i.e. US Citizen, PR, or temporary visa holder)

  • What the tax treaty says about such transfer and what the appropriate withholding amount is

  • When do you resume Australian tax residency?

  • How to work with your custodian on the appropriate withholding

  • How to convert your funds most efficiently back to AUD

  • What to do with your money once back in Australia

  • Is now a good time to move these funds?

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Host: Ashley S. Murphy

Tri-citizen of the US, Australia and the UK & Principal of Areté Wealth Strategists Australia, Financial Planning firm based in the US, whose expat clients constitute 90% of its portfolio.