🌏Top Financial Issues for Americans living in Australia

Webinar where we provide a high level review of the major financial challenges facing Americans living in Australia.


Ashley Murphy, CFP® AIF® Founder and Principal of Arete Wealth Strategists Australia reviews the following topics:

Investment & Retirement Considerations

-Investment / Retirement Account Closures

-US Retirement Accounts

- Investment Management & Distributions

-Social Security

- Eligibility and When to take?

Banking and Foreign Exchange

-Foreign Exchange



-Annual Tax Filings

-Foreign Tax Credit vs Foreign Earned Income

-Exclusion - how do they work?

-US Gift / Estate Tax (“Transfer Taxes” includes Inheritances)

-Gift Taxes

-Account Titling -US Estate Tax -US State Estate Tax -US Expatriation Tax -Passive Foreign Investment Corporation (PFIC) Taxes -Superannuation Accounts